About the project

Increasing vocational competences of entrepreneurship Teachers with the use of gamification.

More than 5 million people under 25 are unemployed in the EU today. According to the “Rethinking Education” initiative (2012), in order to build “skills for the 21st century”, efforts are needed to develop skills such as entrepreneurship, which should be given particular attention since they enhance employability. Even if entrepreneurship is included in VET national curricula of many EU countries, there is still a gap to be filled caused principally by the lack of successful teaching methods.

Strategy Game As an answer to these needs, Gamify Your Teaching aims at supporting the professional development of vocational competencies of teachers and trainers dealing with entrepreneurship. It also aims to enhance ICT teaching through innovative pedagogy and an approach to teaching with the use of gamification.

In fact, the project’s activities will directly involve VET teachers and trainers as well as students. Moreover, other participants from the area of VET education will be indirectly involved.
The project will last for 2 years: from September 2015 to September 2017.
The project is based on a partnership between 7 EU countries (Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece) involved in activities aimed at creating and testing a game in order to develop an innovative methodology of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of gamification. The activities will be based on specific research carried out by partners and external experts in the area of social research. The research will take place in order to find out what are the game requirements such as the level of ICT competence of VET teachers and general characteristics of the game. As a result of this, a Needs Analysis Report will be produced and it will be the base for the creation of the game and the learning materials for teachers. Additionally, a collection of case studies of successful businesses will be produced, serving as an inspiration for students for opening up own businesses.
What are the intellectual outputs of the project? (in terms of the tangible things the project intends to produce)

  • O1 Needs Analysis Report: the analysis will provide the game requirements (the level of ICT competence of VET teachers and general characteristics of the game).
  • O2 the Game: it will include 7 modules simulating activities teaching entrepreneurial skills divided into levels, based on scenarios and embedded content about entrepreneurship. Each level in the game will be a complete and playable “scene” following a case-solving approach, consisting of background (introductory) information, a number of possible learning paths to be taken in response to the decisions and actions made, and appropriate scoring measures defining the player’s individual performance.
  • O3 Didactic Materials for VET Teachers that aim at supporting teachers in using the game during theirentrepreneurship classes. The materials will be in electronic form, available for downloading from the project website and directly from the game interface.
  • O4 Collection of Case Studies: it will consist of a publication showing at least 35 examples of successful businesses which will serve as inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurial education.

Expected results:
The project’s impact will be significant: it will be noted specifically on VET teachers and on the students who will use the products and to effectively increase their entrepreneurial and ICT competences. In the long term period the project will have an impact on increasing the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, not only with regard to the students who will participate in the project; but also other young people that will be reached via different channels.

Furthermore, the project will be an opportunity to increase the collaboration between VET schools, enterprises, social partners and other relevant bodies through Europe, sharing European experience and expertise across partner countries.