Didactic materials for VET teachers

Learning trough games seams easy for students but there is lot of work that programmers of the game and the teacher have to do.

To create a perfect harmony between what the programmers and the creators want and what the teacher has to do, CNIPMMR Arad (RO) started to develop the didactic materials for VET teachers, the third intellectual output in the Gamify Your teaching project.

With the help of the content and the scenarios created at the LTTA in Italy for developing the game a draft of how the materials should look like was made.
These materials help the teacher to better understand the game and to know where they should intervene and show their support in the process of learning using gamification.

As far, the materials contain information about the project, partners, the game and the scenarios.
There are still in progress the rules of the game, logistics and the specific tasks of the teachers.

After playing a demo of the game more suitable information can be added and make the materials more valuable.