Gamification as a top trend in event management

Early this year, C&IT, a leading event organization in the U.K., predicted that one of the top trends in events in 2016 will be Gamification. According to a survey of 30 U.K. event agencies, 63% of professional planners used the gamification technique at events in 2015, with many citing it as a useful tool for engagement.

Putting the ‘fun factor’ into conferences and meetings, event gamification comes in different forms and works through accessing the emotions and motivations of the public. Applying gamification in event management may result to the following:

  • Engage the attendees, mainly through the use of technology
  • Activate the feeling of common purpose
  • Condition the proactivity
  • Generate high – quality experiences
  • Create an environment of trust and collaboration
  • Boost the self – confidence of the attendees
  • Assure a high level of communication

The central idea behind gamification is that games have a lot to teach us about how to make real life more fun, more engaging and more fulfilling. Events are a perfect arena to practice gamification because they typically put together a group of people for a short period of time to connect, learn and have fun.