Great start of O4 Collection of case studies

During the meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania 19 and 20 of October 2016 all project partners agreed on Social Innovation Fund proposed time table for O4 – Collection of case studies. These are 35 examples of successful businesses which will serve as inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurial education. In order to reach the result each partner agreed to prepare 5 cases. All these cases will be revised by other partner and after that finalised by Lithuanian partner – Social Innovation Fund, who is leading this output. Finally this one common document of 35 different cases will be evaluated by the external Expert in business and later translated to all partner languages and available for download from project webpage.

It is going to be a useful publication not just for reading and getting motivation, inspiration from success stories, but also as all partners agreed – there will be questions for reflection, so teachers/trainers will be able to use it during their course together with students as learning material.

Hopefully these 35 case studies will cover various business stories and become a great inspiration for starting business in all Europe no matter what idea of business reader will have; he or she is going to be ready to do it!