II intermediate meeting of the GAMIFY project in Kaunas (Lithuania)

After the first meetings of the project that were held in Arad, Romania (2-3 December 2015) and Rzeszow (20-21 April 2016) and after the training activities that took place in Modena in May 2016, the partners of the GAMIFY project met again in Kaunas in Lithuania, to discuss trends in the project.

The project partners, C.N.I.P.M.M.R. (RO), Inova Consultancy (UK), Socialinių inovaciju fondas (LT), KMOP (GR), FYG Consultores (ES), CWEP (PL) and InEuropa (IT) met on 19 and 20 October 2016 in Lithuania to discuss and review the scenarios whose structure were discussed during the training activities held in Modena.
During the meeting the partners began to lay the foundations in relation to the production of educational materials for teachers who will be involved.

During the meeting the GAMIFY partners also analysed the progress with respect to the implementation of the game, which will be one of the main products of GAMIFY project that will be also tested by some teachers in each partner country.