The LTTA event in Modena, Italy

The 5-day LTTA (Short-term joint staff training) of the GAMIFY YOUR TEACHING project was held in Modena in May 9 to 13. The seven partners involved in the project (RO, PL, UK, ES, LT, GR, IT) met in Modena and worked intensively on the creation of scenarios of the educational game about entrepreneurship, the project final intellectual output. It is a teaching tool that will be made available to teachers and trainers who deal with entrepreneurship to support education and engage the students actively and proactively in their learning path. The meeting took place at HAPPEN in Modena.

The partners worked in groups on the 7 scenarios that will be part of the game:

  1. Increasing self-confidence and self-belief
  2. Understanding if self-employment is right for me
  3. Goal setting and visualization
  4. How to start and run a business from home
  5. Developing a business model
  6. Market research
  7. Role of social media in establishing your business

At the end of the session, the participants have acquired new skills and competences, such as: creation of scenarios for the educational game, development of the content of the game, exchange of best practices in relation to entrepreneurship education, networking and creativity.

On Thursday afternoon, some students who had been involved in the focus groups of the first phase (IO1 – needs analysis) attended the training and were shown the results of the work been done so far on scenarios and the process of creation of an educational game. The partners also collected their opinions and feedback about the work which has been done. During the stay, InEuropa organised a visit to Edera, a just opened new co-working setting in Modena, as an example of sustainable innovative self-entrepreneurship approach.

Some photos from the training: