On the 9th of June, InEuropa presented the GAMIFY YOUR TEACHING project and outcomes at the project multiplier event organized in Modena by EDERA COWORKING space.

The event was aimed at communicating and disseminating all the results and intellectual outputs of the GAMIFY YOUR TEACHING project, that spread from the fact that 5 millions youngsters are unemployed and that this high unemployment rate could be fought by teaching youngsters entrepreneurship subjects through new and innovative teaching methodologies.

In order to achieve this long-term result, the GAMIFY YOUR TEACHING project delivered 4 Intellectual Outputs: the Need Analysis Report (O1), the game (O2), the Didactic Material for VET teachers (O3), the Collection of Case Studies (O4). The 4 outputs were presented and widely described during the multiplier event, providing also the links for finding the files and downloading them. In particular the educational game and the Didactic Material for VET teachers were described and some screenshots of the game were showed since it is one of the most relevant and powerful outputs of the GAMIFY project. InEuropa also set a desk with a computer were the game could be used and tested by the conference attendees.

The multiplier event was really successful and attracted lots of people (especially teachers and trainers) interested in the game and in this innovative teaching methodology. Lots of questions rise up about how the game could be used in the class and about possible future scenarios after the end of the GAMIFY project.

After the presentation of the project outcomes, all the participants were invited to a buffet and a concert was also organized during the meal, to make people network and create synergies, try the game and enjoy the event together. This was an occasion for continuing to socialize and to talk in an informal context about the GAMIFY project, entrepreneurship, self-employment, school restrictions and opportunities, and about all the relevant and practical outcomes related to Gamify Your Teaching implementation.