How To Learn About Entrepreneurship Through The Game, Arad, Romania 14th of July

How To Learn About Entrepreneurship Through The Game  it was the name of the Multiplier event – (E1) , that took place in Arad, on 14th of July , in  the frame of the project “Gamify Your Teaching – raising professional qualifications of entrepreneurship teachers using gamification”.

It gathered 50 participants, including representatives of  2 universities from the region,  schools of different levels, training institutions and business associations.
The purpose of the conference was to present the 4 Intellectual Outputs obtain in the project that includes the research conducted at its beginning (IO 1 – Needs Analyses), and to present the participants an online game supporting the entrepreneurship education ( IO 2 – The Game).

Didactic Materials for VET teachers was the 3rd Intellectual Output presented , in order to help them cu explain how to play and for organize  classes in order to accomplish the Scenarios in the Gamify Game.

Participants of the conference also got acquainted with the publication presenting good practices of running a successful business (IO 4 – Case studies collection).