The importance of gamification for employees

Many people believe Gamification is a tool with a lot of risks regarding its procedures, the relative complexity of creating the game… Some may even say it is useless in a company.

However, that is not true. A correct gamification design can provide a lot of returns and rewards to a company brave enough to try it; especially with regards to employees.

Gamification can be a really useful tool to engage your employees as it allows to provide real-time feedback and personalized, real-time goals. This allows employees to compete with themselves, turning into a tool that encourages them to increase their effectiveness and performance. Gamification in the workplace is not about providing points like a regular video game would do, or to face one employee to another in getting the highest amount of points out of the game; it is about allowing its users to get the best out of themselves. And in addition, to increase the company’s performance.