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Professional Development Of

Vocational Competences Of Teachers And Trainers Of Entrepreneurship

Vocational competency helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and start-up businesses prevent social exclusions and improve employability, to create value for businesses using sustainable development in the sector. If you’re willing to test your knowledge on an industry level, we’re here to help you achieve excellence.



Planning is the most challenging phase, which helps stay ahead in the game when gauged with entrepreneurship competence.



Creating innovative technologies and standards helps you stay ahead of competitors in the business market, providing a structure for employees and clients.



Once your creative plan takes shape, you must develop and implement new strategies to manage resources, including your client list.

To Create And Test Of

Simulation Game With Practical Elements

We help you measure your expertise level and improve it by making you a part of our simulations, games, and activities which help you solve real-world problems and apply the knowledge in businesses.

Engage VET Teachers

We have a rich collection of 60 teachers who help you plan, engage and manage classrooms.


Testing Didactic Materials

All our materials for programs are well-tested by business professionals. Hence there are no loopholes.

Expert Game Creators

Our gaming experts will create the most stimulating and engaging games based on the information we gather.

Innovative Pedagogy

We follow a different approach to help build and maintain the teach-student relationship.

To Create And Test Methodology Of Teaching Entrepreneurship

The various methodologies employed by our vocational experts build a strong base for your business and help you analyze your skills and areas of improvement.

"I had a lot to learn in my business, and they helped me."

Jessica J. Miller

"The teachers have unique activities which keep you engaged and keep it educational."

Buffy E. Baker

"The teachers are professional and help you understand your areas of improvement."

Tyler Shaw


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